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Showbox is an online streaming app renowned for its easy navigation and smooth UI. The application allows you to watch an assortment of videos on the internet including movies, series, TV Shows, and music without the annoying ads often seen on other similar apps. You’re even allowed to upload your videos for other app users to see, and if you wish to keep them private, you’ll need to select Show Video only for Me option in the settings. The app can run flawlessly on the PC, laptop, and smartphone with iOS and Android being the two most popular usage platforms for the app. Unlike most other video service applications you would come across, the Showbox app can’t be download from Google Play owing to Google’s strict terms and conditions. For this reason, you’ll need to download the Showbox apk file from various APK file vendors on the web but more preferably

Is Showbox App free to use?

Not only is the application 100% free you use but also entirely devoid of adverts.
Showbox Features
1.Subtitles are included to improve the user experience.
2.Supports an array of resolutions besides the HD quality
3.Movies can be filtered by year, genre, type and rating.
4.The interface is easy to use hence user-friendly.
5.Movies can be downloaded for offline viewing.
6.You can access the content without a login account.
7.No annoying ads
8.The extensive library of music, movies, and TV shows is updated regularly.

How to Download the Showbox App on an Android Smartphone or Tablet

To install APK file on your Android device, you’ll need to make the select the necessary options in the security settings section to enable the device to permit the device to accept the applications from unknown sources.
Part 1
Adjusting Android Security Settings
1.Launch the settings menu by tapping on the cogwheel icon on the Apps or Home screen menu. You can alternatively swipe down the phone’s notification bar and tap the cogwheel located on the top-right section of the notification panel.
2.Scroll down and tap on the Security menu option. It will open security options on a fresh page.
3.Go to the Unknown Sources option and switch the button to the right. Once this option is enabled, you’ll be able to install any third-party app from unauthorized sources. Some android versions come with a checkbox for this option instead of a switch. Be sure to leave the box checked.
Part 2
Installing Showbox
1.Launch your favorite internet browser on your device
2.Type or into the address bar. Scroll down until you reach Download Showbox APK File link written in blue letters at the bottom of the page. More information about the APK file can be found on the next page.
3.Scroll down to reach the Downloaded APK button and tap on it to download the APK setup file. Your device may bring a pop-up notification once the download is complete.
4.Tap on the pop-up notification to run the downloaded Showbox apk file. Proceed to install as prompted by the device.
The process of downloading and installing the Showbox app on your Android TV is nearly the same as the smartphones.

Is Showbox Legal?

Once you download the app, the legality of its use can depend on your country of residence and the material being accessed on the platform. Downloading and streaming copyrighted material, which makes a significant part of the Showbox library, may be illegal in your country. The app also streams TV Shows and movies torrents that are not accepted by studios. It makes Showbox more vulnerable to shut-downs just like most other unauthorized streaming services. In some jurisdictions though, the content can be accessed without trouble for extended periods.
But since rules vary from one country to another, streaming accessing the content on Showbox may or may not cause trouble. Hence, you’ll need to be aware of the laws and policies of your area of residence to keep such a problem at bay. In case you’re wary of the government snooping on you, you can opt to use the app via a VPN service. In the meantime enjoy everything you can access!

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